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Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
Conferences, seminars and workshops will be organised to disseminate research products, and policy briefs and evidence-based recommendations to technical and financial partners, and policymakers. Likewise, conferences, seminars, workshops and policy dialogues will be bringing together policy makers (including key policymakers at the ECOWAS, AU, EU, UN and other multilateral organizations), practitioners, academics and other relevant institutions to exchange experience, lessons learned, research findings and conclusions to inform and advocate for policy changes.

These events will also facilitate professional networking and cross learning by network members. Specifically, there will be an annual general conference of REcAP Network’s experts. The theme and programme for the annual conference will be determined by the project partners and the leadership of the expert network. Furthermore, there will be a seminar, workshop or policy dialogue on a priority research area or relevant thematic area led by the relevant experts and supported by project partners at least once in a quarter. Some of the events will be held physically and others virtually. The venue for the in-person events will be determined and agreed upon by the project partners. For each of the events, a report will be produced, published and shared with the relevant stakeholders.