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The Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is the highest decision-making structure for the implementation of the REcAP project. It is consisted of one (1) senior management staff of WANEP, DRC and SIPRI at the Director or Deputy Director level. The Chair was elected at the first meeting of the PSC to serve for a period of one (1) year. Subsequently, the Committee will be chaired by the Consortium Partners on a rotational basis.

The Scientific Committee
The Scientific Committee is set up to provide quality scientific assurance, and proffer advise on research strategies, initiatives, and themes for seminars, conference, workshops and other planned activities in line with the respective outcome and output deliverables of the REcAP project. Part of there functions also includes helping to formulate recommendations and provide technical guidance on research, capacity building initiatives, policy guidelines and procedures.
The Committee consists of six (6) members, including one representative of WANEP, SIPRI and DRC, and three (3) representatives of the REcAP network. The members representing the Consortium Partners (WANEP, DRC and SIPRI) are proposed at their discretion. The procedure for the selection of the (3) representatives of the REcAP network shall include a call for application, shortlisting of qualified applicants and competitive interviews to determine applicants’ suitability for the position. All nominated SC members must be approved by the PSC.
Membership will reflect expertise requirements in relation to the three main themes of the project namely: prevention of conflicts, prevention of violent extremism and peacebuilding. Membership to the SC or to the sub-thematic working groups should also mirror the diversity of gender, geographical origin, academic and professional background of the REcAP network.

The Technical Advisory Group
The TAG consist of the EU, WANEP, DRC and SIPRI. The EU shall chair the meetings of the TAG. The Project Coordinator shall serve as a penholder and secretary to the TAG, coordinating the meetings with the EU, capture minutes and ensure that the agenda and all supporting materials are delivered to TAG members in advance of meetings. The TAG can invite project representatives for a presentation. The TAG shall also make recommendations to the PSC and the Project Secretariat on the implementation of the project during its meetings. The TAG aims at taking only unanimous decisions.