Community Dialogues
Policy dialogues will be organised with the purpose of informing and advocating for specific policy changes on specific subjects with thematic clusters experts and the larger network bringing together policy makers, practitioners, academics and other relevant institutions to exchange experience and to inform and advocate for policy changes. This activity is about connecting local CSOs and youth and women organisations with national, regional and international policy and decision-makers, in order to bring to their attention community contributions to peacebuilding, conflict and violent extremism prevention policies, strategies and practices. In doing so, the project will encourage more inclusive public policy that takes into account local perceptions and are potentially more relevant to the realities experienced and observed by the communities.

There will also be community-based dialogue with the general objective to bring key community stakeholders to discuss challenges and concerns affecting or are likely to weaken the social cohesion and disrupt peaceful coexistence in the target communities in West Africa and Lake Chad Basin. The objective is to bring key community stakeholders (communities, youth and women’s organisations and other local civil society actors) to collectively identify and discuss challenges and solutions, analyse conflict dynamics, and deepen understanding of key issues affecting or are likely to disrupt the social cohesion and peaceful coexistence in target communities. This is part of an effort to establish future evident-based peacebuilding and conflict prevention intervention in target communities in West Africa and Lake Chad Basin, in line with the timely intervention logic of the project.