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Capacity Building
Capacity building and training programmes is a very critical component of the REcAP Project. This will involve development of learning and training materials to enhance the skills of civil society actors and other relevant stakeholders to adapt their intervention strategies. So far, the scoping study was helped to identify the diverse regional networks of experts, their focus areas, geographical reach, institutional credibility/capabilities, capacity needs and level of influence, to serve as the basis for the establishment and selection of the potential members for the REcAP Network.

It also specifically helped to highlight actors’ most appropriate areas of expertise, thematic interests and capacity needs/gaps that could be supported and enhanced within the framework of the project; assess the target beneficiaries of these actors and their advocacy capacities and audience; and also report and advise on the global/regional opportunities that could exist for the REcAP Network to innovate in relation to peacebuilding and prevention of conflicts and violent extremism.